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Maastrichter Brugstraat

Meyer Foundation acquires and invests in visionary and sustainable properties and real estate development projects at urban locations in economic centres throughout the Netherlands, Germany and Switzerland.

It focuses on central sites which are suitable for a wide range of uses (offices, retail-stores, residential apartments, commercial-, hospitality- and health properties as well as renewable energy projects) and allows sustainable developments. Our strong, highly motivated and well qualified team is key to our success.

Maastrichter Burgstraat located in the hard of Maastricht is rented out to:

Rivièra Maison

"We think a city centre should be a healthy mix of local and international businesses."

Today, many cities are slowly turning into ghost towns by lack of occupancy. Rent prices are going through the roofs and can only be afforded by the big players. This results in every city offering the same supply of shops everywhere. Shoppers no longer leave their own city because the supply is exactly the same in other cities. This is not only an unhealthy and deadly thing for cities but also for young, new and local entrepreneurs. 

By lowering our rent prices, we try to prevent all major cities from losing their local flair, charm and identity.

Bad Münstereifel

Full restauration of small historical building

In 2019 we bought this little historical building in the centre of Bad Münstereifel and were very proud to open our first Meyer and Meyer store last year in Germany. Unfortunatly in 2021 we suffered severe damage due to heavy floods.

Before flooding

After flooding

Heavy floods destroy first Meyer and Meyer store in Germany!

After we just finished renovating this new property in Bad Münstereifel, the town was struck with severe floods due to heavy rainfall and destroyed our new shop completely.

Old situation

New situation

New family office Belgium

In 2020 we are building my brand new family office in Maaseik Belgium. The building licenses are approved in November this year and demolishing starts in spring 2020.

More info coming soon!

Marktstraat 8 Roermond

Full restoration of historical '15th century' building with luxury two bedroom apartment

In 2010 we have completely renovated this 15th– century building in the very hart of Roermond, The Netherlands. Roermond is one of the fastest growing and best shopping city’s in Limburg for 3 years now.

The store is available for renting!
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Before restauration

After restauration


Luxury two bedroom apartment

Above our Family Store we created a beautiful luxury two bedroom apartment with a lovely sun terrace. At this moment the apartment is rented out.


We merged three buildings into one store at Bergstraat 9-11 in Roermond

This is the place where I started out back in the seventies. After several smaller renovations throughout the years, we did a monster renovation in 2005 in which we merged three separate buildings into one!

The store is currently rented out to an exclusive florist.

Exclusive high end flowerstore with two luxury apartments

This was the first store I opened back in the early 70’s. Years later we managed to buy the property next door and around the corner so it has grown about 5 times bigger over the years. We also build two luxury apartments within this property. The apartments are just finished and up for rent. The Shop (290 m2) is currently rented out to Cobi’s Botanical Warehouse.


Haus Flora Gelsenkirchen Germany

In 2005 we bought the head office of Vittera. The biggest Housing Corporation of Germany, which is now called E.ON. With great pleasure and pride we want to inform you that this real estate project has been sold to Allegron 2.0 GMBH in June 2016. After a major renovation, the Meyer and Meyer Foundation was the first to succeed in transforming old office buildings into nice city apartments.

-- SOLD --

Meyer & Meyer Store and apartment in Oisterwijk

In June 2016 my son Nick Jr. and I start renovating this amazing building in Oisterwijk, it’s located in the Dorpsstraat near to the famous street called “De Lindt”. As you can see in the movie clips below, we completely restored the old building back to its former glory. Downstairs is our Meyer & Meyer Store and upstairs we created a brand new two-floor apartment.

Meyer & Meyer store

Before restauration

After restauration

Two floor apartement

Before restauration

After restauration

Head office Amstelveen

This is my head office in Amstelveen, the Netherlands. It’s the Penthouse floor of a fourteen storey building in the centre of the city. It’s only a 10-minute drive to Schiphol Airport and within 20 minutes you are in the heart of Amsterdam.

Stadsplein 88
1181 ZM, Amstelveen
The Netherlands
Tel.: +31 20 3452335

Marktstraat 12a Roermond

Grand Retail Shop rented out to Beau Fashion

We bought this shop a couple of years ago and gave it a good clean up. We also optimized the floor space so the size of the store is twice as big as before. The store is rented out to Beau fashion and has proven its success.


Philippstor Düren Germany

This was my office in Düren, Germany: We build this five-storey office building with apartment in 2004. The property has been sold now.


Meyer & Meyer store Venlo

This is our Meyer & Meyer store in Venlo. After running a try-out store for several years, we bought this building and gave it a good clean up as well as a makeover. It ‘s located at a centre square opposite of the city’s theatre and the Primark store.


Neerstraat 1 in Roermond

This used to be my head office and warehouse during the 80’s and the 90’s until the company grew too big. Having been a ‘Basic Blue’ store for many years, it’s a Meyer & Meyer store since the late 90’s. We recently bought back the top apartment, which is up for rent.

Meyer & Meyer store


Meyer & Meyer Suits Only store Roermond with city apartement

Meyer & Meyer Suits Only is located in the historic city centre of Roermond, The Netherlands. Roermond is the fastest growing and awarded as best shopping city of Limburg for the last 3 years. The Meyer foundation acquired this building in the Marktstraat where also our Family store & Beau Fashion are located. We try to create a unique shopping street in the heart of Roermond. The uniqueness lies in the presence of little boutique shops. This shopping experience is not even available in big cities like Maastricht.

Meyer & Meyer Suits only store

This is our Meyer & Meyer Suits Only store in Roermond. After running a try-out store for a while, we bought this building and gave it a good clean up and created two beautiful inner-city apartments.

Innercity apartement


Meyer & Meyer Maastricht

Situated in the heart of Maastricht you will find this monumental building I bought and renovated during the 90’s: it’s a five-storey building including the basement and attic.