Revitalising the old, charming inner city streets and create new work- & livingspace

In 2019 we developed two brand new luxury apartments in Roermond. In the process we completely cleaned up the whole street and gave every building a fresh coating of paint. What ones was a dirty and smelly little street is now an eye catcher for the whole city!

Before cleanup
After cleanup

Two brand new luxery city houses

When the plan “VITAL CITY” started in Roermond, we did not hesitate to play a major role in this ambitious plan to revitalize the inner city. Together with City Hall the goal was to create a place in where LIVING, WORKING, MEETING, EXPERIENCING and RECREATION come together in one city.  Especially the goal to create more “WORK & LIVING” space was an opportunities for us to COME ON BOARD! So we build two brand new luxury city houses with great view.

'Kleine bergstraat' Number 21 - Luxury three bedroom city house - 223 m³


'Kleine Bergstraat' Number 23 - Luxury two bedroom city house - 181 m³


20 brand new 'senior healthcare' houses

In 2025 we are developing a brand new housing project for elderly people. This project creates 20 new special care houses. The concept is that they can live together as a couple for a longer period of time as they are now often separated from each other due to high costs and work pressure of the healthcare system. Together with Nick Meijer JR we are starting a big pilot project in Geleen, The Netherlands. Here they receive 24/7 care and attention in their own home when they need it. Also the complex is going to be according to norms of the RVO Green certificate and even generates power true solar panels.

In cooperation with


Development project "Residentie Roerzicht" Vlodrop

In 2024 we’re planning to developed ten brand new luxury apartments in Vlodrop


!!UPDATE!! Construction starts May 2024

10 brand new 'lifecycle proof' appartments

In 2024 we are developing this brand new housing project in Vlodrop. This project creates 10 new so called ‘lifecycle proof’ appartments. They have a beautiful vieuw over the river ‘Roer’ and the complex will have a lift and a beautifull ‘high end’ enterence.  Also the complex is partly going to be powered by solar panels to supress future energy costs.